Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Sanctify my Panty #1

     I receive atleast 10 emails everyday begging me to write. I wonder what I have written so good for attracting such crazy fans. May be my thought process is very unique and I express it in a straight forward way. Sorry guys I really dont have time nowadays. I want to convey my very authentic thought and I write only when I get the required leisure and comfort to do so. I dont want to scribble something for record.

     Ok, so I am starting this series today. "Sanctify my Panty". What is it all about.

     In local terms washing. But I know you all agree women's clothes are really divine and precious where they dont desreve a normal treatment. They are sacred. They are pure. They are immaculate. They are reverable.

     Many men crave to touch women's clothes. They stare at clothes displayed outside shops. They love to touch them. They are fresh clothes. After they are bought and worn by a women the clothes gets its due blessings. More than fresh clothes, the soiled clothes, the dirty ones are more exciting for men. It also matters who have worn that. When our most admired Godess wears that skirt which we saw in display, we beg to possess it to consume the wildest fragrance and show our highest respect.

  • The dirty bra,
  • sweat sinked blouses,
  • wet and soft inskirts,
  • Wild rough but silken sarees
  •  the most abused of all the stinking panties.
  • Intimidating Jeans
  • Never hateful nighties

These excites men. They would beg for it.

Washing is always tagged to women. The change I envision is when it comes to washing clothes, mopping the floor, cleaning the toilet, filling water  and all of that house chores should be attached to men. When we google for them, we should have images of men with the toilet brush in their hand bending down and cleaning stuff there. When we google for washing clothes, we should have men sitting down to take care of our dirty blouses and smelly inskirts. There should be advertisements for men house maid with skills to wash and clean our clothes and utensils. We should see men associated with cleaning our dirty plates standing in front of the kitchen sink, with face showing the satisfaction as if they are doing the work for which they are born for.

How many of you starve,crave,beg to wash our traditional dressing Pavadai Sattai. 

How to bring in this change?

Here we have a very hypocritical society. At one end we have men begging and craving to touch feel smell and wash and clean women's clothes. The other end we have a group of women who dont allow men to wash, or dont seduce men to do the things which they are born to perform.

Men are produced in this world to serve women. That is my first and foremost belief. And men have exhibited that qualities in several instances in history. But they are scared of our supremacy and that is where they brought in lot of restrictions in the name of culture , religion, customs and so on to enslave us. Now it is time for us the liberated educated intelligent women to put men in their place.

Wear that rope called Thaali in your neck and do house chores. Cook by standing in front of hot stove, sweat and clean vessels, wash clothes clean toilet, broom the floor, mop the floor, and after all this go and work to earn. What an injustice.

I am again and again insisting this. House chores should be completely offloaded to men. When it comes to taking decissions controlling finance we women should order. How to bring men to their place is what we all need to learn. I will discuss that in detail. It is not a tough task, because more men have started recognizing their roles. They are ready to do house chores. They are ready to do washing. They are ready to clean toilet with pride. But it is us, who have to induce the taste of doing house chores, either by force or by seduction, either in demand or by command, make them do it. Once they are used to it they would love to perform those chores because deep int heir heart they know they are born to do that. So they would love doing it.

This will make women our lives much easier and we can focus on our strenghts. What are our strengths?


We should be always focussing on enhancing our intelligence and maintaining our beauty. These are the tools we should use to control the world. If a women can attain her best in these two then it is her who will rule.

Coming back to our topic, I am not calling it washing. I am calling in sanctification. I picked that new panties wore it for a day. It was a hot sunny day. All of the sweat have settled there. I had to use the toilet atleast 5 times today and the panties have taken all of that into it. So you have my new divine panties now filled with filth and dirt. Now it is filled with sin. Now you pick with it respect , unfold it take it to the place and sanctify it.Purify it. Remove the dirty. Scratch it softly to remove all that stains. Dry it. fold it and keep it ready for my next use.

Yes this series is lessons for men how to wash women's clothes.

Each day we will pick one cloth and take lessons to our men folk how to carefully sanctify and purify them for our next use. Men remember you are all gifted to touch our clothes and perform the chore. Dont you all kiss our feet and show your gratitude for allowing you to do so.

Come let us start with ???? Which one, which outfit, a bra, blouse , skirts, pyjamas...nighties....- comment or send an email

Crazy men you arrange it for me in the order and I will start one dress at a time

Santify my Panties

So far I was writing in Tamil, let me know is it ok to continue in English or I should write in Tamil. Send email or comment.

With Luv